Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday 21 May 2010: Sarah and family meet up with the St Jan's Oehoe Eagle Owl yet again! What a beautiful beast!

Sarah says:

Tom got back from a week vacation in Bulgaria and after some food shopping we went to the oehoe wake around the St Jan's church. Merlijn, himself, was there in all his beautiful glory and we all got to hold on to him and see him up close. He's fantastically mesmerizing.

Below are some photos. Via this link, you can check out a whole lot more.

Today, my good friend Aimee is coming for the weekend. I am so excited to see her. It's been too long! And it is the big Sinksen feast weekend in K-Town so I just know it will be fun. AND - it will be warm and sunny all weekend! AND!!!! It's a long weekend with no work on Monday!

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