Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday 27 January 2010: Have a look at Heidi's baby belly! News on the street is that it's 3.5 kilos now and might arrive early...

Sarah says:
Had a surprise visit from Heidi today with Yma because it turned out there was no school so they rang my doorbell bright and early, which meant some photos! :-) Heidi says that at the last visit to the doctor the baby weighed 3.5 kilos (7.7 pounds) and that the doctor thinks he might be early.

And there's a very pregnant Heidi above!

Above you can see what I ate today (in my attempt to lose weight - I'm posting photos of what I eat everyday for a week).
In the above photo you can see:
Breakfast at 8:30 am: a little bit of All Bran Plus mixed with organic rolled oats with half a bowl of frozen blueberries, lots of flax seeds, a small bunch of peeled, sliced almonds and light soy milk plus instant coffee with a bit of soy milk. And an extra cup of coffee with some soy milk.
Lunch at 12pm: fresh carrot soup, a breaded chicken-cheese burger with basmati rice and red cabbage mixed with apples
Snack at 2pm: cup of coffee with soy milk
More snacks between 3pm and 4:30pm: a blood orange, a slice of banana my kid prepared with a few almond slices and dash of honey, an apple
Dinner at 6:45pm: Three pieces of brown toast - with a tiny bit of veggie spread and two of the slices had half a slice of light Swiss cheese - the last one was stuffed with the remaining salad. A salad with baby spinach, slices of red pepper, shredded carrot, shallot and some chopped walnuts and mixed nuts followed by a blueberry yogurt (low fat/sugar - same as yesterday) mixed with fresh pineapple chunks.
Drinks all day: Full Brinta = 3 liters! of water which I drank all day long
Exercise: not much due to my back - small walk around neighborhood and lots of up and down the stairs...
That's all!

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