Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday 26 January 2010: Sarah is sleeping long, eating light, drinking loads of water, working when she can and recovering slowly but surely...

Sarah says:
Feeling more rested today and more ready for the world again... I had a bad sleep again so I just stayed in bed this morning and I slept till noon! It made a world of difference! I had so much more energy in the afternoon. I got some work done - that felt good. I am eating well and lightly again - not that I stopped my diet but after being in the hospital I fell off the wagon a bit. I am drinking tons of water - 3 liters a day! I feel progress. I ache but am less achy. My brain is buzzing again but with less rage and sadness and more energy to do stuff. I can't wait to get back to work! I hope my back holds up and stays pain free for a while. I am really afraid of my trip to New York and the plane and all. I will take de-swelling pills even if I have no pain beforehand - as the doctor suggested. I hope it all works. I want to get back to life!
Above you can see what I ate today (in my attempt to lose weight - I'm posting photos of what I eat everyday for a week). Please note that I slept till noon today so the tiling of my eating was way off today!!!
In the above photo you can see:
Breakfast at 12:30 pm!!!!: All Bran Plus mixed with half a bowl of frozen blueberries, lots of flax seeds, a small bunch of peeled, sliced almonds and light soy milk plus instant coffee with a bit of soy milk. (pretty much my breakfast everyday)
Snack at 2:30pm: a banana and an apple
Lunch/Dinner at 6:30pm: a fillet of white fish baked in a bit of olive oil with sea-salt and spices, one small potato with skin cooked in microwave with spices and a lot of broccoli florets steamed in microwave with spices (same as yesterday because I prepared it all at same time)
Snack/dinner at 7:00pm: a piece of toast with a little veggie spread topped with baby spinach and slices of red pepper followed by a cherry yogurt (low fat/sugar - same as yesterday) mixed with fresh pineapple chunks and an instant coffee with soy milk.
Drinks all day: Full Brinta = 3 liters! of water which I drank all day long
Exercise: not much due to my back - tried to ride my bike to my daughter's school because I was running late and walked back - about 5 minutes there on bike and 15 minute walk back.
That's all!

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