Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday 28 January 2010: Sarah's photo-foodathon is working and making her eat a bit less, which is good because she still can't exercise!

Sarah says:
Just a few more days and I will be back to life and living and working! I have been keeping busy working a bit at home but I am so ready to be part of the world again. My back is feeling okay - never perfect - but quite okay again - I just hope it stays that way. I will do everything to make it stay that way! The crappy thing is that my blood test just came back and though everything else is fine, my stupid cholesterol is still too high - not dangerously high - but too high for sure!! It's crazy because I hardly eat fatty foods - the doctor and the dietitian both have said it's part of my make-up - inherited from genes that run in my family and bad eating as a child and teenager. The doctor said you can only control it about 15% by what you eat and the rest is how your body stores the fat - but she also said I'll need to have a blood test every year and keep an eye on it. She suggested I take fish-oil supplements and try to eat a bit more fish - so I will do that for sure and hope that it works! I'm just at a loss in terms of fat. I need some! I try to eat the good ones and if not then the light ones and not too much -- yet still! Arghh!!!
Above you can see what I ate today (in my attempt to lose weight - I'm posting photos of what I eat everyday for a week).
In the above photo you can see:
Breakfast at 8:30 am: a little bit of All Bran Plus mixed with half a banana (ran out of blueberries), lots of flax seeds, a small bunch of peeled, sliced almonds and light soy milk plus instant coffee with a bit of soy milk.
Lunch at 2pm (was working and then took a small hour to prepare my lunch so ate too late): chicken, mango, pineapple, red pepper, onion, chili Thai flavored meal with some leftover basmati rice + I had a spoon full of the hutsepot I had prepared the day before to see if it was good before I froze it so that I can bring it with me to work for lunch next week...)
Snack at 2:30pm: cup of coffee with soy milk
More snacks between 3pm and 4:30pm: a large carrot, a blood orange
Dinner at 7pm: Three pieces of brown toast - with a tiny bit of veggie spread on one side stuffed with baby spinach and half a slice of melted light Swiss cheese - the other piece of toast was with the other half of the cheese and some spices. I also had 1.5 bowls of fresh-made veggie soup (made of chicken stock, celery, carrots and leek with baby spinach added raw at end to wither) + one fork-full of the scrambled eggs I made my daughter to see if they were good
Drinks all day: Full Brinta = 3 liters! of water which I drank all day long
Exercise: not much due to my back - sat way too long at the compute in fact!
That's all!

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