Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thursday and Friday 09 and 10 July 2009: Sarah has two days off from cleaning up the house and this means her back feels almost better again!

Sarah says:
Man was I in a bad mood some of yesterday the 10th of July as you can see above. But it went away fast. I had a nice day with Tom and Ayla - I so love this little family of mine!
Photo above is from Thursday the 9th of July. I met friends for lunch. It was nice. Great group of women from all over the place.
I need to get Heidi on here again! Maybe later today!
Now I am off to watch the Gilmore Girls with my kid who just woke up. I wish I had slept late. Tonight I will stay up all night for some celebrations going on in Kortrijk. Arghhh...

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