Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Saturday 11 July through Tuesday 14 July 2009: Here's Heidi finally after cutting Sarah and Ayla's hair today!

Sarah says:
And HERE'S HEIDI!!! It's been a while! She's alive and well! That's us above today - Tuesday the 14th - just after she cut my hair! It was good to see her again. It feels like ages ago!
That's Ayla today as well with her new haircut - done by Heidi. Isn't Ayla starting to look older all of a sudden?! Time is flying. I sometimes seriously feel like I have a teenager on my hands!

That's me above in a silly photo from yesterday - Monday the 13th of July. What is with my mouth? Fake smile maybe? Attempt to hide my yellow snaggle tooth for once?

There I am above on Sunday the 12 of July after waking up after having gone to bed at around 4am after having been to a festival under windmills. We got caught in the pouring rain during a great concert by Madensuyu during Kortrijk Conge. As you can see in the photo, it had been a very, very long night!

And since Heidi wasn't around, I took a photo with Yma at Kortrijk Conge on Saturday the 11th of July. She's the next best thing to Heidi!

I am off to The States on Thursday and will try to post on here when I get the chance - if I get the chance! Stay tuned! It's getting harder to get onto the computer these days as I am bust from morning to night lately cleaning house and running around. All good stuff but it keeps me away from the Internet.... Tomorrow I have to pack half the day and clean up some more and say goodbye to Tom and Ayla!!! I will miss them so....

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