Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Friday through Wednesday 03 to 08 July: Face The Day is falling behind like we predicted - but I still have a photo from each day!

Sarah says:
Above is of me today - Wednesday the 8th of July. I have been cleaning house most of the day. It feels great! My back hurt and my knee too but it all seems worth the pain - though I hope it goes away soon! The combo of moving boxes when cleaning up the office and moving stuff while cleaning house plus riding a bike and wearing more high heals than usual - has thrown my back out a bit! I hate that my back will always be my weak point! The good thing is that since my back operation, the pain tends to go away quickly!
That's me above yesterday - Tuesday the 7th of July. It was a very-good-news kind of day. Can't you see it in my eyes?! :-). I can't say why or what but it seems to be all good and exciting stuff! For now it's my secret...
That's me above on Monday the 6th of July. It was yet another day of house-cleaning and it felt great to clean out old boxes. We threw and gave so much away - plus we have tons of stuff to sell at a boot sale in August!
Above is a photo from Sunday the 5th of July taken in Arnhem, The Netherlands during a huge fashion happening there. It was a nice weekend and day with the family and with Tom's parents.
Above and below are photos from Saturday the 4th of July still in The Netherlands but this time in Hoge Veluwe National Park at the Kröller-Müller Museum.

In the below photo I am once again with ASG! Two weekends in a row! Imagine that! It was great to see her and TSG and Dirk. The weather was perfect too. We rode bikes all around the park and enjoyed the art at the museum. My daughter struck the poses of the people in all of the paintings. She made a great time of it. Fabulous day!

Above you can see me again in Arnhem, where our hotel was, on Friday the 3rd of July. That statue is Grietje. She was all dressed up for the Arnhem Mode Biënnale. I have tons of great photos from that and from our day in the park and at the museum, which you can see if we are connected on my Facebook page.

And finally - Post Secret. It's been a while! Actually, there weren't really any this week that caught my eye but the above one I had saved long ago for the right moment. I guess now is it! I can so relate to what is said above. It's not that I had any idea at all what would happen in advance - so that I can't really relate to. It's the thing about it having been months... In Belgium there is a 3 month period from when you get fired to when you actually stop working. That's a long, long time and it was rough. You have to get up each day without real motivation. It wasn't easy. I am glad that period is now over and I can put everything in a good and positive perspective and place. Those 3 months jaded me for a while. Now they are behind me and I really look forward to what's coming next...

And below you can see a selection of photos from our day at the museum. It was superb! Ayla enjoyed the art and kept herself busy as you can see below. She and I rode more than 25 kilometers through the park as well! Not bad for bike novices...

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