Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday and Thursday 20 and 21 May 2009: Sarah has two horrid days of an awful flu and finally is starting to feel alive again!

Heidi says: I used my persistence today to get to a special gig of Madensuyu. I wanted to go so badly, but I forgot to get tickets. So today I heard that the gig was sold out. I tried to get on the guestlist but PJ said it was impossible because it was sold out. Then I posted messages on facebook to ask if anyone could help me. And when I realised that nobody could help me, I called the place when they were performing and put us on the waiting list. We went this evening and we waited a while. Then they called our name. We were in! It wasn't their best performance, but it was pretty damn good anyway! From now on, I have to use my persistence more to get what I want and need from life.
Sarah says:
That's me above today - Thursday the 21st of May. Granted - I still look sick and sweaty - at least I have some color back in my face, my eyes are open and I can crack a smile. The smile come from finally FEELING BETTER!!! Oh my lordy were these past days tough ones. It all started Monday night when I had a high fever and what I thought was just a 24 hour flu. I stupidly went to work Tuesday and that night felt bad but not as awful as I had Monday night. But Wednesday morning when I woke up - I swear - I have never felt so awful. I was freezing and shivering from it and feverish;. I had terrible cramps in my intestines. I couldn't eat anything yet I had to go to the bathroom all day long. I depleted all my energy. I went to the doctor, took pills to reduce the fever and pain but the fever stayed high until about 11 am today. Now I have a low fever and feel a bit shaky, energy-less and sweaty but at noon I ate soup and toast and that gave me a needed boost as I had nothing left in by body. I am so glad the worst of this is over. It was really bad!

That's me above early this morning I think or late last night. I don't know anymore. I think it was Wednesday the 20th. Sick as a dog but in one of my half-waking moments trying to get up and to be part of the living...

There above you can see me on Wednesday the 20th for sure -- feeling horrid and looking the part.

Below is another video from my daughter's open house at her school last Saturday. That's her 4th grade class performing a dance...

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