Monday, May 25, 2009

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 22,23 and 24 May 2009: Sarah feels better then worse then better then worse....HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIM AND ERIKA!!!!

Sarah says:

That's me above on Sunday the 24th of May. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIKA!!!! In that photo I look alive. It was a moment I was feeling okay. I feel good until I eat and then the whole cramping up and having to run to the toilet process starts. Then I feel rotten for about an hour and then okay again. This stomach virus is the worst one I have ever had! I just called the doctor and she said it could take 14 days!!! So that means I have 7 more to go perhaps! I have to start a whole new box of pills meant to restore order in my digestive tract. I hope it works! It is so tiring to have to go to the toilet so much. At least the fever is gone! I also have to complain that though my face is thinner, I am probably one of the only people to have basically fasted for a whole week as nothing stays in and not to have lost any weight!!!! At least I could have shed a few pounds through this! But nope! Didin't happen. :-)
Heidi says: Guess what we did yesterday? It was nice to be behind the decks again! Those are my happiest moment, together with running! When I run, I feel free and worriless. I don't have a lot of that anymore in my life. Not at the moment anyway... Time that changes and I find my luck back. Maybe one thing i want to share with you that I kept in my little black book up till now: when I hear a blackbird sing, I get very very nostalgic and sad because it really makes me believe that things were better before. It makes me think of moments in the past, and I always believe I was happier on those moments. The strange thing is: I always think that when I hear a blackbird, and then a year later I am thinking of those moments and I believe that on those moments I was actually happier. How is that possible? How can I think one year that I was happier the year before and then a year later think the same of the year before? Do i believe that nostalgie makes me happy? Because in my situation, I don't think nostalgia makes me happy. It just makes me sad and long for things that never happened.

Sarah says: Above you can see me after dinner on Saturday the 23rd of May and below you can see me before dinner. Big difference as you can see! Eating is just not very enjoyable at the moment... HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIM!

What a silly face above? Nice flowers though. Such a pretty place we were at...

And there I am above in Nivelles in Belgium dreaming of eating again without such trouble! Again - it was a feeling fine moment above beceause I had already eaten breakfast and it was already quickly out of me....

And there above you can see me enjoying some sun on Friday the 22nd of May at the horse ranch we stayed at for the weekend with Tom's parents and his brother and brother's son. The place is called Haras de Baudemont and it's in Ittre, Belgium. It's the 2nd time we have been there and we just love the place. It's peaceful and pretty. I was happy I could go because I didn't think I would make it with how sick I was feeling. I still felt ill but was able to just sit at the pool or in bed and read and not do much. It was as good a place to feel ill as any! Even better because everyone else could have fun! We will surely return there sor a weekend each summer if possible!

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