Saturday, May 09, 2009

Saturday 09 May 2009: Heidi goes blond and becomes a Quaker at Ayla's 10th birthday party with make-your-own tacos and sundaes!

Sarah says:
Heidi has gone blond folks. I begged her not to but it's part of her hair studies! What do you think?

Heidi's started praying folks. It's part of her soul-searching. She thinks she was a Quaker in a past life. She's also converted Nico and Yma as you can see below!
Heidi, Nico and Yma call themselves Quaker-pirates. They are looking for members if anyone is interested...
As you can see by comparing the above photo to the below one - there is a very fine line between Quaker and Pirate! If the Garrein-Haemers family is up for it, they are welcome to join me in my Pirate adventures!

Yma, as you will notice below, is not amused!
Mmmmmm - make-your-own-taco party for Ayla's 10th birthday!
Mmmmmm - make-your-own-sundae party for Ayla's 10th birthday!
Above you can see from left clockwise - Wim, Tom, Filip, Vanessa, Heidi, Yma and Nico at Ayla's 10th birthday party! Where are all the kids? Looks like an adult party to me!!
There are the party kids enjoying their ice cream! And a good day was had by all though we all stuffed ourselves silly....

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