Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday and Monday 10 and 11 May 2009: Sarah is smothered by the idea of being only a mother for the moment...

Sarah says:

Bored. Head-ache. Pounding brain today. Bad sleep again last night. Need to re-load and re-charge. I wish I had the ability to just plug myself into a charger sometimes!

Above and below are me yesterday - Sunday the 10th of May on Mother's Day. It was also "open-werf" day in Belgium so we visited two ongoing building projects in Kortrijk. The first one above is a vioew of the new, huge mall they are building in Kortrijk called "K". It will be weird to have this mall take over our quaint city but I'm sure we'll all shop there and our daughters will probably work and hang out there one day! It's a big, messy werf right now for sure and it causes major traffic issues too. I guess that's "progress" for you... or not....

Above you can see me in De Kreun - where the new music center will be in Kortrijk - Kortrijk's very own concert location. Now that's something I look forward to seeing built. The more good concerts and concert places, the better!!! I think our daughters will also hang out there a lot when they are older. I hope so!

That's me above yesterday at the end of Mother's Day. Though I was really happy with my daughter's attention and everything and the nice walk I had with my husband and all that - yesterday was just a bad-head day for me. I don't even know why but I felt really low. It's so up and down it's a bit maddening really. I guess it is par for the course. It's hard to feel good when you have worked as long as you can remember and then all of a sudden you are out of a job and in the difficult re-defining yourself moment. Yesterday all I knew is that I didn't want to be just a mother. I wanted so much more.... I feel like that is all I am right now. Without work - the thing that has always made me felt the best about myself, I am left with the second thing - being a mom. But that is not enough for me. At least I am sure of that.

Speaking of Mothers and Mother's Day, the below Post Secret is my pick of the week because having a 10 year old!!!! now gives me glimpses of this little person who seems grown up sometimes but is really still just this little person with a lot of growing up to do. Whilst she likes getting older I see that she struggles with the idea as well because she knows that at some age you start being teenager-like and rebellious and have more responsibilities and all. I think she truly will miss my driving her to school when we tell her it's time for her to ride her bike... I will miss those morning rides too - looking at that little bunny in my rearview mirror...

Heidi says: That was a nice mothers' day!

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