Friday, May 08, 2009

Thursay and Friday 07 and 08 May 2009: Heidi is black and Sarah is white...

Sarah says:
Isn't Heidi so very BRIGHT today?! She's all in black and it suits her. No use in my being in the photo. I look a mess today! Not bright at all. Didn't sleep AGAIN last night!!!!!
Above is my photo from Thursday the 7th of May - last night. It was time to do a mask to relax and to look brighter. Well - I slept as poorly as ever and I surely don't look brighter from the mask... Oh well, one can only try!
The nice thing is I have a half-day today and Ayla's birthday party to prepare for Saturday. It will be make-your-own tacos and ice-cream sundaes! Should be fun! The weekend came so fast again. Time is very strange lately! I hardly know what day it is...

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