Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thursday 05 February, Friday 06 February and Saturday 07 February: Heidi and Sarah have a guest, they strike a pose and Sarah has great eyebrows!

Sarah says:
Hard to kee up with this blog every day but we do our best!!! That's Heidi and I above with an old colleague Vanessa (on Thursday the 5th of February) who popped in to say hello! It was great to see her and to catch up!
Above you can see us on Friday the 6th of February outside for once - it was sunny and 10 degrees!!! We have never had this particular pose on here so there you go! Something new on Face The Day! It was hard week for us but things improved as the week went on! All's well in Heidi and Sarah Face The Day land....

And there above is me today on Saturday the 7th of February showing off my freshly plucked eyebrows! I love them! She does a perfect job!
By the way - after hours of trying and failing, I think I ACTUALLY GOT MADONNA TICKETS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! I'll only believe it wehn I get the notification in the mail. But I really think I did it and I'l get to see Madonna perform in Belgium on the 11th of July!!!!! Imagine that! It's not that I am such a Madonna fan anymore - but I used to be and I can still enjoy the music and the show for sure - and I have always wanted to see her live!

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