Monday, February 09, 2009

Saturday evening 07 February 2009: Sarah enjoys the Ansatz der Maschine gig in K-town and has fun seeing old bandmates Filip and Jan!

Sarah says:
It was fun and made me happy to see Filip (above and below) and Jan (below) again after so long Saturday night at the Ansatz der Maschine gig in Kortrijk. Jan plays drums and keyboards in that band. As you may recall, we three were in our old band Greyn together once upon a time. I miss the band. I miss singing the most. But I also just miss being in touch with Filip and Jan. Peter was of course also in Greyn with us and I miss him in a whole other way. He's on all of our minds still. I wish I could see Filip and Jan more since we are all alive still. It just made me really happy to see them both but also made me sad because it reminded me that Peter wasn't with us anymore.

The Ansatz der Maschine gig was really fantastic. It's a great album too. I have to say that because we made it at work - but still! It's really good and the concert really was fabulous. They ave come a long way and make some serious, well-worked out, beautiful sounds. I totally loved the whole horn section. Sometimes all that music just echoed right through me. I loved it!

You can see in the photo below just how much I love my husband! Look how I am looking at him! We were really in love this weekend for some reason and quite happy with what we have together. You have to stop and realize what you have sometimes because it is super easy to take a good thing for granted and it can all be gone in a flash!

I recommend buying the Ansatz der Maschine CD that just came out. It's a goody!!! The band can really be proud of what they have done. If you can, see them live because that's even greater than the CD if you ask me.

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