Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wednesday 04 February 2009: Sarah is surviving on just 2 hours of sleep today and it shows! What is Heidi's face showing?

Sarah says:
Because of something I was busy with for work I ended up staying up till around 6:15 am!!! I have not pulled an all-nighter like that in ages. I slept from 6:15 till 8:15 I think. I actually feel quite okay. I thought I would feel far worse. Maybe it will hit me tomorrow. Below you can se a lovely photo of me (haha) at around 6am I think without any sleep. Does it show? Of course it does! What's up with my mouth? I just look weird! Heidi has a weird face above too - as do I. I hope I can fall asleep fast tonight. I wish I had energy to clean up my bedroom because there are clothes everywhere and it's driving me mad. But if I go to my bedroom tonight it's to go to sleep!

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