Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday - Wednesday 26, 27 and 28 january 2009: Oh my God, we just skipped two days on face the day!!! Luckily Sarah still took a photo each day!!!

Heidi says: yes it's true, two days!!!!! TWO DAYS! Amazing and unreal! Anyway, what I wanted to say is that Yma has been sick since last Friday and she still has a fever. That damn flue is bad. I want my funny and lively child back! She saw the doctor on Friday and I think we will have to take her there again this evening... My poor baby.

Sarah says:
It's been a long while since Heidi and I have been on here together. So here we are finally! We are totally out of the swing of things. Life is just too busy I guess! There we are above today - very colourful! I wish I felt colorful! I am still a bit ill and now my daughter is too, the poor bunny!

Sarah adds:
I'm still trying to take photos everyday even though I can't post them everyday anymore it seems. So I am sort of keeping up anyway! Speaking of sick, look at me above in the photo from yesterday - Tuesday the 27th. Man do I look SICK and TIRED!!!! Every time I have hair-removal I get this HUGE headache and my eyes hurt and a bad taste in my mouth. That can't be good. Is it worth it though? Hell yeah! Hopefully there won't be any bad long-term effects but only great results instead!

And there I am above with a nice backgroung (maybe too dark here). That was on Monday the 26th. I just got home from a reception in Gent and had to get a fast photo before going to sleep. That big Native American face is hanging on the stairs to our attic bedroom. Why is it that I looked alive and awake at 11pm in this photo and so very dead and horrid in the one the day after at like 7pm. Strange... Who ever knew hair removal could be so rough! Anyway - it was good to get out with my husband but probably a bad idea because the next days weren't so good for me cold/flu wise. I feel low energy and on the verge of the flu all the time...

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