Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday 29 January 2009: Heidi and Sarah as usual...

Sarah says:
Another day in the lives of Heidi and Sarah... What a dumb face I have on up there. Probably holding back a dry cough! My kid is sick with the flu and a fever and now I am getting an annoying cough going on... I have the winter-needs-to-end-soon feeling! And my hair is looking really bad! Saturday I get it cut. Hope that freshens me up a bit. I need some spark again! I'm trying to wear colors to look more awake and that's not really working! I'm taking good care of my skin and that's not really having any effect. I try not to wear my lenses everyday because they give me tired eyes and that's not really doing the trick! So what will? SUNSHINE maybe! Though today was really sunny here so I shouldn't be complaining. Shlumpy describes how I feel right now. I'll get over it. Also have 100 million things on my mind. It's RACING around in thought trying to works some stuff through.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't you wear the same clothes more than once in a week, but not multiple days in a row? By my math, you could wear an outfit three times a week but not on adjacent days. Wear it one day, put it on a hangar the next, wear it again the third day, ad infinitum et stinkum.

Anonymous said...

It WASNT me that wrote that. Honest. I may agree but I'd always put my ASG!