Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday 25 January 2009: Sarah wants to have white fangs again and wishes her kid would stay young and smush-able forever and ever!!!!

Sarah says:
Here's the thing. My front teeth are white and good and nice. My fang teeth, on the other hand, are yellow and ugly! I HATE them! They make me not want to smile and I love smiling! I don't want to become shy about that. There is nothing like a big smile to spread good cheer! So I need to do something about those old yellers! I have to turn those yellow fangs white - and how - and fast! So I'm going to try a tooth polish this week and see what happens in 10 days! I hope there are good results and that it doesn't ruin my teeth. I don't want ultra bright whites or anything. I just want my fang teeth to match my front teeth a bit better. I have never had a caity in my life or any sort of tooth problem so I should be happy about that - and I am! I just want those yellow ugly fangs gone! So here begons the test! We'll compare in 10 days!
And last but not least - my Post Secret pick of the week. There weren't really any that caught my eye this week so I chose this one. I can really relate to wanting my kid to stay a baby forever. Not a baby because babies aren't really my thing - but young and innocent. Babies are really cute and splendid - don't get me wrong. But I just love the ages my daughter has been for the last 5 years or so and I see her changing and becoming older and I will love her all the same of course -- but the time does fly and I wish she'd let me smush her forever... but she won't so I'll just have to smush her now while I still can because when I can't anymore I am 100% certain it will hurt even more than I think....

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