Sunday, January 25, 2009

Friday 23 January and Saturday 24 January 2009: Sarah gets better and gets curled!

Sarah says:
That's me with curly hair Saturday morning at my friend Carmen's house. My daughter and I had slept over the night before after having dinner out with Carmen and her daughter. It was so fun! I love these sorts of sleep-overs! So on Saturday Carmen and her daughter took out their curling irons and curled my and my daughter's hair. You can see the results above and below. My hair is way too thick for such delights. Just doesn't suit me! I could easily make a huge afro if I wanted to. Maybe I should. Afros are nice and are in!

I was surpised by how curly the back of my head could get. It looks so freaking gray though!
There's the sunny as ever Carmen above ascting as my hair dresser! I felt so happy and spoiled! I love hanging out with my girlfriends. So much fun!And there above you can see the results of the curls on my daughter. Made her hair look shorter. She looks so much older all of a sudden!
And there I am above on Friday the 23rd of January. Still feeling very under the weather and very ready for the weekend!

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