Monday, January 05, 2009

Sunday 04 January 2009: Sarah celebrates the holiday period one last time before real life kicks in again and is sure home is where the heart is...

Sarah says:
Though I don't have to work Monday because I took the day off to teach Erasmus students about American issues and then to go shopping with my mom, it does feel like the holiday season is finally coming to an end. I look forward to this new year - especially workwise. It will be an exciting one I think. It's been a nice holiday period because my mom was here and it was really relaxed in our home with lots of quiet time mixed with lots of nice visits from friends. I started to feel pretty blue about my mom's leaving a couple of days ago. It's the same every year at this time. I see my daughter getting anxious and sad counting the days. I see my mom doing the same. Even my husband suffers from it. As many problems as I have had with my mom in my lifetime, I have to say she is one of the very few people I can be 100% myself with. There is something freeeing in that. It's been nice having her here. I'm sad to see her go on Tuesday.
There weren't many Post Secrets that caught my eye this week so I went for the one below. When you watch the struggles of people around you - in their marriages for example - it makes you reflect on your own situation. Right now I feel closer than ever to my husband. A lot ofit is because he seems so content with his new job and challenges. I don't know what it is but whatever it is I'm just going to enjoy it well it lasts!

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