Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday 05 January 2009: Sarah gets ready to say bye to her mom and looks forward to going to Florida for a family reunion in March!

Sarah says:
Man I hate goodbyes. All sorts. They are often quite a stuggle for me. I chose this life of living far away from most of the people who mean the most to me. My bad! I have struggled with abandonment issues for a lot of my life so what did I do - I took off to Europe one day and abandonned my life as I knew it and started anew. I'll have to deal with long-distance living forever I guess. My choice. But it feels a little harder these days. They say you always end up where you started - or rather return to your roots. Sometimes I can really miss those roots and all those people I am rotted to ( I mean to write rooted to but rotted is pretty funny so I leave it!). It's hard growing roots in another country. Not to say I haven't. My roots here are my husband and my daughter of course. I am lucky to have some great friends here. But roots - not a lot. Not yet. Today I thought about these things while giving a lecture to Erasmus students here about The USA. I always start by talking about my experience in an exchange program and how it lead me to a totally new world and new life and how within about 9 years, I will have lived in Belgium as long as I had lived in America. It's weird. I kind of love this life I have to tell you the truth - most of the time. But at times like these - at times of goodbyes, I struggle... Give me a week and I'll be back on my feet! Can't wait for the big family reunion in Florida in March though! :-)

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Anonymous said...

That ("rotted") is not a typo in your 11th sentence, is it? I'd say it's somewhere between a Freudian slip and pure intention.