Sunday, December 07, 2008

Saturday 06 December 2008: Happy Birthday Trees and Happy Sinterklaas!

Heidi says: Yma was very happy with Sinterklaas today! He brought her very nice presents.

Heidi says: later that day.... Nico and Heidi go wild! The Moonshine cafe was a blast!

Sarah says:
It's a sleepy Sinterklaas over here at our home in Belgium. Our daughter got us out of bed early to ope her Sinterklaas gift. She got exactly what she wanted so she was happy - a Barbie I Design set for the computer. It's the first Sinterklaas year that she knows that mommy and daddy are actually Sinterklaas. She seems a little sad about that - as if she doesn't want to grow up jus yet! You can see that my husband and I had sleep in our eyes pretty much the whole day! I love that Sinterklass cartoon with the black Sinterklaas - Obama-style!

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