Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday 07 December 2008: Sarah continues to be sleepy and lazy and unproductive.... It's a great, great thing!

Sarah says:

Sarah adds:
I don't agree with that Post Secret below at all. As much drama as a family can cause, cutting people out just never resolves anything for me. It just means there's always something out there to haunt me. In the end, my siblings and family are forever connected to me and I'd rather not have the drama that sometimes goes along with family but I also get a lot of joy from my contact with my siblings and family at different phases in my life. I see as we get older we have fewer friends and it gets harder to make true friends. I'm happy to have the relations I do with some of my siblings. Sometimes they are truly the only people you can talk to who really understand you. At other times they are the ones you can disagree with most and who can say the things that hurt you most. In the end, they all really do matter though. Drama or no drama...

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