Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday 10 November and Tuesday 11 November 2008: It's a rare day at Face The Day with no photo for Monday... Tuesday we are okay!

Sarah says:
Unless Heidi took a photo Monday, there will be none for Monday on here sadly because I actually forgot to take one! That's a rare happening. Once I have my kid's passport, I can show you the one photo taken that day in my life of my kid looking all mature for her passport photo.
Today you get a photo of me in our downstairs guestroom where we moved our computer to again. It's getting comfy and cozy in there! There's a new bed and the books are all over the walls. Very red. Loving it so far. The room is aclling our for visitors!
As for my dad - well, I'm waitong for today's report. He's doing okay from what I know though he has some discomfort obviously. He should be home soon. I look forward to seeing him when I go to New York on Saturday.
Heidi says: This is my 11/11 picture. We went to the cinema in the evening and we were surprised by a rainstorm. It was fantastic!!
Heidi says: Just need to share these pictures from Yma with you. This was 11/11 in the morning. Yma and me had a walk to the park, played in the rain and then in the sunshine and had a great time. She looks happy, doesn't she?

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