Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday 12 November 2008: Heidi and Sarah forget to take a picture together so Sarah's nutty kid steps in as Sarah has dirty glasses and teeth!

Heidi says: cleaning up my face...
Sarah says:
My daughter just popped right in there looking crazy and cold. Our hose is a cold one! Winter in our house has begun! My glasses are really dirty in the picture and there's something stuck between my teeth. A typical night at home with the kid I guess! Actually - it's a great night because it is Wednesday and that means Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, Project Runway and Top Chef! Those are my and my husband's fave shows!!! Happily - as my daughter would say - my husband is quite in touch with his feminine side and anjoys these shows as much or even more than I do!


Anonymous said...

"my husband is quite in touch with his feminine side" = kwia (just a little bit)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of favorite tv shows, IRS for Ayla: