Sunday, April 06, 2008


Sarah says:

We go away for one night and two days and this is what we get! We come home and I open the cage of our two GIRL Guinea pigs Kika and Kike (pronunced keke). I lift up there little house to say hi with my kid happily by my side glad to see her pigs again and THERE ARE TWO BABIES - One dead and the other running around! We were quite shocked!!!! The dead one threw us for one loop and the living one threw us for another loop! There were high emotions at our house! We were not prepared! Our daughter cried and cried of course and got all nervous and sad about the dead one and all nervous and happy about the living one. We needed to clean the dirty cage but had to figure out if we could go near the mom and the baby. It was stressful!

BUT LOOK HOW CUTE THAT LITTLE PIGGY IS! Our kid named her kricky-cracky or something like that. I don't think we will keep her so if anyone out there wants a Guinea pig in 5 weeks, let us know! You can't have her if you'll feed her to snakes though!

Above you can see the whole family! They are all brothers and sisters! Incest in the pig world is the norm apparently. The other one could have died though because of bad genes or because the mom or dad stomped on it or because the mom doesn't really know how to be a mom yet! I'm a little worried about the living baby. I'm a little afraid she might not survive. The mom doesn't seem to be feeding her as hard as the baby is trying to get fed. We'll see how this goes but we are stick with this cute little addition to the family for at least a month or so. The dad, which is the darker one in the above photo, had to be put in a make-shift laundry basket cage because he was sniffing the butts of the mom and the baby too much and seemed to want to make some more babies with both of them!
Above you can see our laundry-basket cage behind me with the male in it and the mom and baby are safe in the other one. I'm just afraid that while we are sleeping tonight, something bad will happen - maybe the baby will die or maybe the dad will eat the laundry basket and escape or fall. It just feels all weird because we were so unprepared. The baby seems so fragile. My kid goes to sea class tomorrow for a week and I just want her to be able to go away calm and happy. So I really hope these pigs make it through the night!

In other news, you see that thing in the photo on the right side of my face (on the left in real life) -well it's getting bigger and bigger and blacker and blacker and it's scaring me as well! It's a blood vessel gone very wrong. It has a heartbeat! I have to go to the skin doctor but I have no idea when. Th next three days are booked solid and busy as can be! I hope it stays put and doesn't explode again or get bigger or more painful!!!

As for my favorite Post Secret this week - it's an obvious choice with the Guinea pig story and all those dang, horney animals out there!!!! Just look at those lions! My Guinea pigs have been doing the same and look at the mess they have gotten themselves into! :-)

Last but not least, I really enjoyed the Claw Boys Claw gig and De Brassers gig we saw at Petrol Club in Antwerp yesterday! The singer of Claw Boys Claw has a fantastic voice! I hadn't heard the music before other than one good song. I was really impressed. I had a great evening! I want to hear more of both bands!!! They both put on a great show.

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