Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday 07 April 2008: Meet Face The Day Guest Star Cool Hand Luke from London! Sarah and Heidi welcome him, even if just for 15 minutes!

Sarah says:
Meet our computer guy Luke from London! He came to clean things up a bit for us but as the Eurostar was such a big mess today he wasn't able to get much done sadly! I spent most of the day waiting for a train and Luke spent most of his waiting on a train. He'll come back again soon! We look forward to it. We love having visitors, even if for just 15 minutes or so...
Speaking of London, that's where I am of to Tuesday till late Thursday. My kid is off to sea class for the week. By the time I'm home, my husband will be of to Sarajevo! We are all over the place. I look forward to Friday when my kid is back! I don't like an empty home. It's too quiet for me alone. Luckily I have three little pigs to take care of.
You might not see me till Thursday! Heidi will hold down the fort!
Heidi says:
I look so little and small and babyish on this picture! Magnificent! 19 years old!!! That's what I look like, right Luke?

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