Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saturday 05 April 2008: A mole- vessel on Sarah's face bursts and bleeds!! AHHHHHHHHHH! And Heidi and Sarah are off to De Brassers gig in Antwerp!

Sarah says:
Still rushing! Gotta go! That spot near my eye on my upper cheek there - well, it burst last night an bled! I have had like a blood spot there for years and years - a blood vessel I guess and it was hurting the last couple of days and last night I washed my face and it exploded and bled for an hour! I was scared! I have to have a doctor look at it. It's okay now but is throbbing. Freaky!
Gotta go now! Tonight Heidi and I will see De Brassers in Antwerp.

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