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Rebecca Flowers' (sarah's cousin's wife) book Nice To Come Home To in stores on 10 April!!!! It looks like a goody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Bookstores April 10, 2008
Riverhead Books

Everyone around Prudence Whistler, thirty-six, seems to be settling down. Her girlfriends have married and had babies. Her gay best friend is discussing marriage with his partner. Even her irresponsible younger sister, Patsy, is the single mother of a two-year-old. But when Pru panics at losing her mediocre boyfriend of two years-and begins to see the door to her traditional family life closing-she accidentally finds something even better: a new definition of family and happiness.

A funny, entertaining novel of love and family for our times: a single woman who fears she’s lost her chance at a family of her own, begins to accumulate an ad hoc one around her.

…an incredibly satisfying, quirky story about what makes a family. Flowers has created a deeply memorable character in Pru, whose warm heart and wry humor infuse every page. Pru serves as a sweet reminder that happiness isn’t found in a day planner—it can come from the most unexpected sources.

“Rebecca Flowers’ novel is a lovely, funny story about the saving graces of surrogate families and unexpected love. The narrator, Pru, has such a self-effacing, irreverent sense of humor that I couldn’t help but root for her all the way.”
–Lolly Winston, Happiness Sold Separately and Good Grief

“Rebecca Flowers is a genius of the small and lucent, the details that make a character live and breathe: revelatory moments, quirky and dead-on metaphors, searingly funny observations. You will know Pru Whistler the way you know real people and you’ll miss her the second you finish the book.”
–Marisa de los Santos, Belong to Me and Love Walked In

“Beautifully written, with wit and heart to spare, NICE TO COME HOME TO tells the story of two sisters as they wrestle their way through relationships, one with too much sense, the other with too much sensibility. Prudence is fully alive, and so fresh and funny and warm that I heard the echoes of her interior voice long after I had closed the back cover. Rebecca Flowers is Jane Austen gone mod, and I can’t recommend this hopeful and endearing tale strongly enough.”
–Joshilyn Jackson, The Girl Who Went Swimming and gods in Alabama

“Move over Jennifer Weiner and Jane Green — there’s a new girl in town! Rebecca Flowers’ NICE TO COME HOME TO is a love story for the new millennium. It’s the tale of what happens when you lose everything you think you want and have to move on to what you really need. With Pru, Flowers has created a real character who burrows her way into the reader’s heart with her family and wide circle of friends in tow. I highly recommend NICE TO COME HOME TO to anyone who wants to escape for a few hours of pure bliss.”
–Kathleen Caldwell, A Great Good Place for Books, Oakland CA

Based on Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility,” “Nice To Come Home To” (Riverhead Books), set in Washington, DC, and its colorful Adams-Morgan neighborhood, will be in bookstores April 10, 2008. Pre-order now on!

Order a signed bookplate for your copy of NICE TO COME HOME TO! Perfect for readers who'd like an autographed copy of the book but can't make a reading. Just send me an email: rebecca at rebeccaflowers dot com

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