Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wednesday 9 April 2008: Heidi bikes, swims, Sarah gets a haircut by her fave Italian Alessandro at Hair By Fairy in Neil's Yard in London!

Sarah says:
I just had enough time to get my haircut at my favorite place in Neil's Yard in Covent Garden in London at Hair By Fairy by an Italian guy I always ask for named Alessandro I think. Hair By Fairy isn't expensive. You don't need an appointment. It's a mix between mafia and anarchy if that makes any sense. And Alessandro, if that's indeed his name, is lovely and friendly and cheerful and speaks with that great Italian accent. Most importantly he knows how to cut my hair! I like having a place in London to go to for a cut when I am there. A familiar face. Next to the haircut, I of course was there to work. And work I did.

I have to thank Heidi BIG TIME for taking care of the pigs while I was gone and my kid was gone and my husband was gone! That little baby has to stay alive or my daughter will kill me when she returns from sea class! I couldn't bear to leave the mom and dad (sister and brother) and the little newborn totally alone and unchecked for those two days. Heidi was a REAL PAL and stopped by each day to feed the little bunnies! THANKS HEIDI!!!!! Man is the little pig a freaking cutie! It will be hard to get rid of it - though as it grows up it might become less cute. We'll see! We are stuck with it for another 4 weeks. It's name is Krick-Krack I think. I don't even know!

Now I am heading to bed as it's after 11pm and has been a long day - long two days! I am so rarely home alone like this - pretty much never, it feels weird. Good night!

Heidi says: I had a great swim this noon! Working on that back of mine!! Get it stronger. And my eyes more red...

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