Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday 20 March 2008: almost Friday!!!

Heidi says: Almost Friday!! I long for some days off! I am tired. Tonight I'll do some fake Pilate's to relax :). And I hope to have less back/shoulder/neck-pain by doing exercise...

Sarah says:
If I ever complain I'm too fat just remind me that I ate that WHOLE chocolate freaky head in one sitting today and have a belly-ache because of it. I rarely do that but today man - today I just needed it badly!! I needed a sugar rush. A lift! An extra few chins and fat rolls! And it tasted good! Really good! It was for Easter. How could I resist. I couldn't! Heidi went for a healthier choice - a banana! Not me folks! That's why we are like Laurel and Hardy! That's it right there! :-)

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