Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday 21 March 2008: IT IS FRIDAY!!! Heidi, Sarah and the funny bunnies wish you a GOOD Friday!

Sarah says:
Have a very GOOD FRIDAY!!!! Don't you love our bunny, Easter friends? They make me hoppy! But I am not allowed to hop or jump ever again. I could never be an Easter Bunny! I envy the Easter Bunny - not to say I'm giving him the evil eye - Easter is a hop, skip and a jump away from today! I'm checking out for the weekend! Off to a weekend of fun with good friends and their kids. Time to relax and sit back but not bend backwards - can never do that again! I feel like the funny Alice bunny in wonderland right now or rather the one who talks in riddles. In any event, have yourselves and eventful weekend! I'll be back by Monday to check in!

Heidi says: Unbelievable but it is Friday again!! And this time, I need it! The last days were somewhat annoying and a little hard, although not so extremely hard. It was just a bit too much running around, with a sick vomiting daughter with diarrhoea and and all the rest to take care of. But with help from our social system (CM Knuffel) we did better than fine! Thank you Belgium!

Here you have a picture of Jules, my best friend katrijn's son. He wears a jumpsuit from Air France, that I gave them. I bought it on a retro fair. When I saw it, it totally made me think of Katrijn, as she used to say she wanted to be an Air hostess. Jules looks lovely in it! Adorable!!

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