Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday 22 Maart 2008: Long live Peter Clasen and his Anny! And long live Sabine's orange mouth and Filip's stone feet!

Heidi says: With my substitute man, Wout, I had a great day today. We went to Peter Clasen's sweet wedding reception, where he showed his true love for his Anny and Anny for her Peter. Afterwards, we drove to Tervuren , where Wout picked up old collector's material from Madonna, and then we bought flowers at a local flower shop, drove back to Kortrijk, and ate MacDonalds. What a day!!! Lovely!

Sarah Says:
That's Sabine with the orange mouth in the above photo. Our mutual friends, Filip and Vanessa, arranged a weekend away with us for the last few days because their two kids are our "god" children. My husband is the godfather on their son and Sabine is the godmother and I am the godmother of their daughter and Sabine's husband is the godfather. It was such a great weekend of relaxation and fun! Even though the weather was totally wacky, we managed to get outside to the roaring sea, to play a great throwing sticks game as well and also to play farm golf in the middle of mud and sludge and cold rain. It was a blast!

Sarah adds:
Everyone had the task to make someone happy with something. Filip was made happy with hot stones between his toes. I was there to record this for you all! :-)My feet were just fine in the rain and cold! had my new totally water and wind proof machine-washable boots. They did the job well! Isn't that interesting? By the way, sadly - I didn't have my camera with me at the sea, so these photos might be a little bit out of order. I don't know if I took photos the day we went to the sea. I did with my phone but I can't figure out how to get those photos off my phone and onto my computer. Once I can, I'll put some here because the wind and the waves were fantastically wild and whipping against us! At first, you think - oh no -- this is damn cold and uncomfortable. But then you see the strength and beauty of nature and you weather the storm! It felt amazing to be blown like that by the wind and to have sand whipping you in the face. My skin felt burnt and dry but good. I LOVED it!

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