Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday 23 March 2008: The fun continues for Sarah on her long weekend away with riends and family and stcks and balls among other things...

Sarah says: There's me and Marv in farm country having a great time!

Above you can see the Boys Team during our throw sticks at blocks game. In this game size didn't matter but strength did - and sadly for the Girls - the boys won!
In the photo above, we had moved on to Farm Golf! It was pure MUD and WATER and pure cold, rainy fun, fun, fun! I got a good movie of it all. If I can figure out how to post it on here, I will. We were dirty and cold after this fun-filled day, but again - what a blast!!! And not one bit of back pain for me!
The Boys Team won again but we all came together and showed our team spirit in the end!

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