Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wednesday 26 December 2007: Heidi is still ill and Sarah gets her stripes as a crazy cat...

Sarah says:
My kid received some face paints for Christmas so I of course had to let her paint my face. I felt like a crazy cat all day. I was almost drinking milk from a bowl and scratching myself!
Little did I know she was turning me into a cat! She had already turned her cousin, my nephew Arne, into a little puppy. Net, she turned my mom, who really is quite slow, into a turtle! Good type-casting kiddo!
Scary stuff above!
There's the princess herself above pre-make-up - in her new bathrobe, believe it or not, which she designed and my husband's magical mother made for her. What a stylish bathrobe!!
And last but not least, please meet 4 new additions to our family - 3 Miami prostitutes and one freaky Pinocchio without features and clothes... I guess he's feeling pretty happy though with those three slutty gals! I pray my kid doesn't see these horrid things as role-models and want to grow up and look just like them! She has enough sense to have told me that she never wants to look like them - that they are too perfect and show off their upside-down underwear - whatever that means! Anyway, she had a blast with them and is very happy. So I am happy, I guess...

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