Friday, December 28, 2007

Thursday 27 December 2007: It's babytime at Face The Day! Welcome Seibe and Oscar and some mutilated dolls...

Sarah says:
Check out SIEBE! He was born on the 11th of December. He's the latest child and the first son of Greyn's drummer Filip Tanghe and Els! He's so little and already has the face of a boy! He and his two sisters looked very comfortable last night when we visited their very happy home. Welcome to the world Siebe! It's going to be fun watching Siebe grow up and seeing what a son of Filip's will end up looking like! By the way - I'm all red in the above photo because I had two big glasses of champagne in a short time and I am such a wuss these days when it comes to drinking! I'm drunk within seconds sometimes. I get all warm and red and shiny.
Above you can see Siebe's candy jars. The candy has his name in it. Els showed me a video of the candies being made. It's a great idea really! They make the letters huge and then wrap them up in a sugar taffy role like thing and then stretch it until it's very long. Then they cook it and cut it into tiny pieces and within each piece are Siebe's name. Very cool and very tasty!
And there above is another beautiful, happy baby! Welcome Oscar Dionisio Smith to Face The Day once again! He's my friend Erika's baby boy. You can see Erika, the doting mom, below with Mr. Smiley-Head.
And last but not least - below you can see my happy daughter's strange and scary creations! Should I be worried? Hope not! She says she was being creative. She sorted through all of her dolls and found all these dolls without heads or legs or with crushed bodies - so rather than throwing all the pieces out, she decided to spend two and a half hours reconstructing them into mutilated monster dolls. She said the one with one leg and a beard is supposed to be Borat.. Freaky! But she's proud...

By the way - Heidi has pneumonia of all things, the poor girl! It really sucks because she's been stuck inside her whole vacation with a high fever and a wicked cough and little appetite. She's starting to feel better but it hasn't been a fun time for her and her little family! We wish you well Heidi!!!

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