Sunday, December 16, 2007

Saturday 15 December 2007: Heidi and Sarah RUN through London, meet up with 1000 Santas, get a haircut and make their train back by 1 minute!

Sarah says:
Look how awake and fresh we look after such a late night! You can see me pre-haircut. That's my before above and that's my after haircut pic below - you can hardly see a difference - but in person and with movement it looks much better now! I went to my favorite hair cutter at Hair By Fairy in Neil's Yard in Covent Garden. It's this long-haired Italian guy who knows how to do a nice cut!

Heidi says:
We ran and ran and walked and ran and ran and walked through the streets of London and this is what I did it for:
Who cares what the question is - The Bees (7")
Let me know - Roisin Murphy (7") = present for someone!
Our Velocity - Maximo Park (red 7"!!)
Broken boy soldier - The raconteurs (7")
You talk - Babyshambles (white 7")
Steady as she goes (accoustic version) - The raconteurs (7")
I want more - Can (numbered ltd edition 30th anniversary picture disc 7"!!)
The wrath of Marcie - The go team! (picture disc 7")
Books from boxes - Maximo Park (white 7"!!)
Girls who play guitars - Maximo Park (white 7")
Karaoke plays - Maximo Park (white 7")
Steady as she goes - The raconteurs (7")
Open your window - Reverend and the makers (7")
We'l live and die in these towns - The enemy (square very thick 7"!!!)
Icky thumb - white stripes (double 12")
Chocolate and ice - My Morning Jacket (special picture disc 12"!!)
Proof of youth - The Go! team (Their latest 12" album!! - finaly!!!!!!!)
The flying club cup - Beirut (CD - SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! SO SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! it's fantastic and wonderful and so so beautiful!)

That is all I bought! All the running and backpain and hunger was worth it! :)

This morning we were having breakfast (very good breakfast!) and all of a sudden I heard 'we all stand together' from Paul McCartney through the speakers and my eyes went all wet as I was taking more beans in tomato sauce. That song is one of most nostalgic songs for me. It's Christmasfeelings time Wout, my good friend, is sharing that feeling with me. When Yma was still a very little baby, and when Wout and Alexander were still living in the secreie, outside K-town, Wout and me listened to that song one evening, sitting in the dark. It was quite overwhelming. When I heard the song this morning, I was thinking of that time, and I sent Wout a text message. :) And I sent the same to Nico of course, 'cause he knows how much that song means to me. :) Long live nostalgia! Long live Beirut for making such emotional sweet music! long live Paul McCartney for having been a part of the best band ever and for making 'We all stand together'. Love live Wout for sharing my nostalgia feelings and understanding me (thank you Wout!)! Long live Bout for knowing me so well! Bow bow bow, bow bow... (do you see the frogs?

Sarah adds:
Weird vision of hanging tigers - they looked real. It was spooky! Had to get a shot.

Weirder vision of so many Santa Clauses behind us in Leicester Square! Viva Christmas! Later in the day when we realized how late we were and had to run, run, run, we ran into all the Santas again and were with them for much of the time. It was surreal to be so stressed for time and to have Santa's - drunk and loud Santas all around us!
Sarah ends: There we are HAPPY because we made our train back by a minute! We were at our hotel picking up our bags 10 minutes after we were already supposed to have checked in at St Pancras to get our train! We boogied man- ran like a fast train and when we got to the tube station we were on a long line with a problematic ticket machine and we lost 8 pounds to another machine and had no time to worry about it and try to get it back! We finally got a tube and got to St Pancras and oh my oh my we ran with our bags. We got to the Eurostar at 16:53 or something. Our train was at 16.55! We begged the guy and he lest us through but Heidi and I went through different check ins. Then Heidi ran through the customs! The guy yelled at her to come back! But we made it! We made it! And we hadn't eaten or peed all day and had been on our feet from 10 am til 5 pm! We are dumb! We laughed in relief when we sat on the train and we ate, ate, ate!!

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