Sunday, December 16, 2007

Friday 14 December continued in London at and after Heidi and Sarah's work Christmas party with a few special guests!

Sarah says:
After our workday, Heidi and I drove to Lille, parked the car and hopped on the Eurostar to London. For the first time, we arrived at the new Eurostar station at King's Cross - St Pancras - we were there so fast - it's quite amazing how easy it all is! We made our way to our hotel behind Trafalgar Square, got ourselves ready and walked up to the Christmas party location on Leicester Square. We began the night with some tasty champagne and English New Year's crackers. Of course we had to put on the cracker crowns!

Sarah adds: That's our first special guest of the night, a colleague from our Paris office!

Sarah goes on: Why does Heidi look like that above and below? Well, that moustache was one of the cracker prizes so it's natural she put it on. She wouldn't take it off though so I had to rip it off at one point. I know! I know! She knows who she looks like but it's not who she's meaning to look like! You're thinking horrid dictator. She's thinking cool detective from Belgium. But that's why I had to rip it off her - it was giving me the creeps and despite her bra purse and her T&A, I was starting to really believe she was a man...
Sarah continues: Above you can see our extra-special Face The Day Guest STAR!!!!! That's CV, a Face The Day fan who just had to get his photo on our blog! We don't even know this guy!!! He just came up to us on the streets of London and said "Oh my God!!! You two are Heidi and Sarah of Face The Day! I can't believe my eyes! You are more beautiful in person than on your blog! Can I have your autographs please!!!!! Meeting Heidi and Sarah of Face The Day with Heidi and Sarah is more exciting than meeting the whole cast of Coronation Street combined!"
Sarah can't stop: So there we are above all washed out on the balcony of the dinner venue with Leicester Square right behind us! It was pretty cool for these two Belgian farm girls to be at a party in the middle of London, literally right in the center - or shall I say centre! We drank some very good champagne, but I guess because it was good stuff or something we didn't really feel drunk - just in very good cheer and very happy with what we are good busy with these days and very thankful for all these opportunities and to be surrounded by good stuff and people!

Sarah blah blah blahs: There above is another colleague of ours from our London office who speaks a lot of hurdy gurdy and a little Danish. He kept us company a lot during the evening and was very friendly and funny.

Sarah ends: And last but not least, there's Heidi at around 2 am London time, 3 am our time. I was wired and couldn't sleep at all so read the newspaper until about 4am the idiot that I am. A good night was had by us!


Anonymous said...

Yayyy, thanks for the entry m'darlings. Have a lovely xmas break and I look forward to seeing you both in January (I'm off to watch last night's Coronation Steet - she's still standing in the doorway, you know!!!)
With love CV xxx

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

You have a lovely, cozy Christmas break too CV! Will she ever leave the doorway? That's a long time to be standing there! No wonder the show has been around so long! Cheers! Sarah and Heidi