Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday 17 December 2007: Heidi and Sarah get a new plant from Heidi's in-laws!

Sarah says:
Heidi's parent-in-laws brought us a new, beautiful plant for our office! A present for our reception this week from them and Heidi's sister-in-law! Lovely! Our in-laws treat us and this place so well! Everyone takes good care! It's great!
You can really feel that Christmas is coming. It's cold and dark but also warm and bright! Strange time of year with curious mix of emotions and numbness! For me anyway!

Heidi says: Big hugs to my mother and father-in-law and my sister-in-law for the new plant! It is very happy in its new house! Won't hug them too much though! I have a big cold, that has been harassing me already for a month and it gets worse now, with coughing and feeling like I have a fever. Can't breath, feel all stuffed and drugged (although I am not drugged at all. I should! Would maybe feel better) and totally numb. Not enjoyable and so I am not enjoyable either... Un happy and not satisfied and very tired and worn-out...

Sarah adds: I still associate this time of year with back pain because of my back operation this time last year! I can't believe how good I feel now! I can't believe I ran through London and I have not one bit of back pain! I can't believe I wake up everyday with no back pain and that I can bend and move. I can never jump again or bend backwards but I can do everything else! Carefully but still! And that is freaking great! Hence my Post Secret pick of the week below about being afraid my back will snap in half. I do harbour such fears - that's for sure. I fear the next operation already even though if all goes well it won't be for the next 20 years! I still worry. On the one hand I feel bionic and stronger than ever. On the other hand I feel fragile and breakable! But today I feel great in my back and I thank my lucky stars for that! Jesus freaking Christmas how life can change in one year - for the better and the worse! For my back - it's surely for the better!

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