Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday 15 November 2007: Sarah gets up-close-and-personal with y'all and so does Heidi...

Sarah says:
Heidi and I forgot to take a photo today again! We are too good busy! We just don't think about it until it's too late! We are doing just fine together everyday! We are a great team! We were talking about how we are going to know each other way too well by the end of all of this... It's fun!

Anyway - I also forgot to take a photo before I took my make-up off at 8:30 pm and got into my PJs. So what the heck, I thought, let me show my pure face, up close, in full light, no make-up, no glasses. Granted, the light makes me look more yellow than I actually am, but that's me folks! In all my glory! And now's as good a time as any to remind you all how happy I am with my hair-removal process! My skin is too ruddy and scarred and imperfect to be really happy about my face, but the whole hair thing isn't even a bother anymore! Just two sessions so far have already made a huge difference! I am not even busy with it all daily It's fantastic! By the time it's all done next year, I think I'll be even happier with it all! And I think I will go for the bikini hair too while I am at it! I can't resist the idea of not having to worry about all that mess of mass come summertime! Great stuff! I am too chicken to get rid of my moustache - though the lady says it would be an easy process - she did warn that the area could get paler and paler from the procedure and then the absence of it would almost be presence, if you know what I mean... So I will hold off on that - and as I have said before, my moustache hair doesn't bother me or make me ashamed so why bother!

Good night!


Heidi says: alright alright! Here I am Sarah! I agree on the fact that it is fun, doing what we do!!! Next to the actual work we do, I also get nice advantages like being able to cycle every day and to swim often. There are few things that I like to do more than swiming. That makes me feel so alive and awake and free and also safe. I love water all around me. I love to move in water. More than in air. Anyway, I do realise I can't be in the water all the time...
Something else I have been doing the last weeks, is working my abs. I am doing crunches every day, about 300 in a row. I have the feeling it is paying off. I get these hard muscles and that is great, because maybe those muscles will help my back get stronger. Let's see if I can get a sixpack, haha (I laugh because I don't think I can ever get that because I have carried a baby...)! Ok, time to go to bed!
Oh, one more thing! The red-nosed reindeer I am kissing, I got from my best friend Katrijn. She is very very pregnant, and I can't wait to see her little baby. It's for any time now, and I trult CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Good good luck Katrijn!!!!

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