Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wednesday 14 November 2007: Heidi and Sarah are better late than never and Sarah makes a wonderful mistake - Marv's her favorite mistake!!!!!

Sarah says:
We're late! Sorry! Did you miss us?!

Something really really funny happened Wednesday! I was at work and at about 4:30pm I was wondering why the ring on my right hand was falling off my finger all the time. I kept pushing it back down. Then I looked at my finger and wondered why I had put my wedding ring on my right hand. When I wear it, which is only every now and then, I always wear it on my left hand - so why was it on my right hand all of a sudden! Then I looked at my left hand and I saw my wedding ring on it and I thought -- what the fuc*!!!! How can that be? I really couldn't figure out what was going on. Then of course I realized that I was also wearing Marv's wedding ring!!! I had mine on one hand and Marv's on the other! It looked so funny! I burst out laughing! Then Heidi did too.

I don't even know why it was so funny. Just the idea I guess -- of being married to myself or something or married to my work... I don't know. It was funny though and it made me feel even closer to Marv!

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