Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday 18 November 2007: Heidi's head feels weird...and Sarah feels cold...

Heidi says: I drank some alcohol yesterday, and today my head feels all weird. I think it was cheap alcohol... :)

Sarah says:
Holy Manoli was it cold as a bear today! We went to Diksmuide to see the Sint arrive and to eat pancakes inside the famous IJzertoren thanks to my husband's work, which does some sort of yearly Sinterklaas celebration for all the kids of its employees. Our daughter is feeling a little skeptical about whether or not the Sint and all his weird-looking Zwarte Piet-s really exist or not. I think she started to believe it a little again when the Sint you see in the above photo turned out to be the exact same Sint she had a photo with two years ago. She's at a funny age now. She's between wanting to be a real kid and believe in such stuff and wanting to question everything adults tell her. She had a great day today and is behaving really well, which tends to happen at this time of year - as kids know presents are at stake!

Last night I saw a great film called AUF DER ANDEREN SEITE (The Edge of Heaven). I really recommend seeing this film. It moves slowly like a good book and the acting was tremendous. There was a scene about grief, with a mother mourning the loss of her child. It was so moving and real, capturing the mental and physical anguish, anger and loss of control. It was done so gently.

After the movie we headed to a party and I had a three hour conversation about religion basically and now sort of finally understand a whole lot of things I didn't before about the variations of Christianity and about how religion got brought over to America and how it's distributed around Europe. I knew a lot of this stuff but I always confuse it all. For once it's clear. At least for the moment. And now I know I am an Agnostic. Alas, I didn't dance at the party as we all sat in a room far from the dance floor. But it was a nice night out and a late one at that and today was a good day with the family and the Sint. I couldn't get enough vegetables in my system this weekend!! I have been craving and eating loads of spinach all weekend. I guess my body is low-energy right now and is telling me I need iron. By the way, the chicken I cooked tonight wasn't really cooked all the way through we realized halfway through it - so if we are all ill tomorrow, that will be why! Though so-far-so-good!

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