Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday 17 November 2007: Sarah sops up some super Sarah soup and Heidi has happy holidays!

Sarah says:
I don't mean to boast but that soup you see there in that photo up there, my oh my, was it FREAKING good! Not only was it as healthy as can be, but it was also warm and cozy and colorful and it fed my little family well. Even my daughter ate it all up. Wok-soups are my thing lately. They are fast! They are warm on these cold nights! They are pretty! They taste great! They leave no mess other than a cutting board, a wok, a measuring cup that held the bouillon base, three bowl and three spoons. All you have to do is boil two litres of water with two veggie-bouillon cubes in the microwave. While doing that, cook up some carrots, onions, red peppers, flat green peas (they make the soup!), lots of fresh grated ginger (tons of it actually), button mushrooms halved, fresh spinach leaves, a little soy sauce and whatever else you might fancy. I also threw in some small pieces of chicken breast though tofu works just as well. When all of that is soaked up nice after about 10 minutes on high heat, throw in the hot bouillon and cook it all about another 10 minutes maybe? Also throw in some fine noodles such as vermicelli ones or Asian mee noodles. And spice to taste and serve when it feels ready! You'll love it I'm sure!

Believe it or not, I am going out tonight! I so rarely go out anymore as I know life is going to get very, very busy soon so I am enjoying my home time as much as I can while I can. But tonight Marv and I will see a movie with friends and then go to a party and if the music is good I might even dance! It's been so long! Man was there a time I just loved to dance all the time but not in years since my whole back thing. Now a year after my back operation I want to see if it hurts to dance. I have to be careful though. I always have to be careful so I am afraid to "move" sometimes because you never know. I mean look what happened when I lifted up that old lady! It took more than 3 months for the pain to go away. Finally, about 3 weeks ago or so, that pain began to lift and, knock on wood, all seems to be okay - though from vacuuming and mopping yesterday and having my period my hip and lower back has been aching badly today ... anyway - I hope I dance tonight and that I have fun out!!! It's way too easy to become a homebody in the winter. I can't forget to get out there sometimes. When I do go out, I have a great time mostly. We'll see!

Heidi says: Jules is so beautiful!!!!!!!! I love him very much already!
Heidi says: The city of Kortrijk has a birthwood. Every year, for every born child in that year, a tree is planted. Yma has her own tree in that wood since yesterday. congratulations to my little Yma!
Heidi says: Driving to a party, where we will be the DJ's for an hour or two...
Heidi says: freaky huh?


Anonymous said...

MMMMMN. I just made a variation of your soup recipe and it is LEKKER!! Thanks for the tips mate. I had to improvise some of the veggies based on what we had but I had the peas and ginger which you said were the important things. And I used Tofu instead of chicken. It's sure to be a new SG staple.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Hey ASG! You are a fast worker! Glad you could make your own version of this fab soup! It'll keep you and TGS nice and warm through the cold and rainy fall! Enjoy and let me know how any other adaptations of the recipe go! SRA