Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday 19 November 2007: Heidi and Sarah have that Monday sort of feeling today if you know what they mean...

Sarah says:
Just a Monday! Nothing much to report over here in Heidi and Sarah land! The days go fast and the weeks speed along. It's turning wintry outside. Home is cozy but our daily environment is cozy too. No complaints! Tonight has Little House on the Prairie written all over it!

Later on that evening...
Sorry but I am in mega-soup mode! I did it again tonight! A 15 minute soup came out so freaking good man! Heidi served me up some tasty out-of-the-box lentil soup today and it inspired me! I opened my fridge tonight and all I saw was a huge head of cauliflower, which I started to simmer in a little water. Then I thought, wait a sec! I'm not in the mood for just cauliflower! So I looked up the word cauliflower in one of my favorite cook books and came to cauliflower, lentil, leek soup! I remembered some cut up frozen leek I had and a can of lentils. I made my 4 minute handy veggie broth again with two bouillon cubes and 2 litres of water. I poured it over the simmering cauliflower, threw in the frozen leeks and dumped in the canned lentils - added some salt and pepper and a bay leaf or two with a pinch of garam masala. Fifteen minutes later I had a great soup. Oh yeah - I also had a few small potatoes left over from last night's dinner so I threw those into to thicken things up a bit. I also took a hand mixer and let it go for a minute so there were still lots of chunks but also some smooth stuff. The soup was divine I'm happy to say and a simple variation of something out of a cook book! I love when that happens!

So ASG Try out that one and tell me how you change it! It actually sounds like something you already make sometimes and have told me about maybe! By the way folks, ASG's good friend MO had a baby on exactly the same day Heidi's friend Katrijn did! Life is wonderful when it's making life and not taking it away! Thankfully all these babies come into the world - though that doesn't make death one bit easier to swallow really. But thankfully life keeps living nonetheless because without renewal and all that innocence that goes with the little babies that get born and survive all the odds, in the big picture, life wouldn't be worth living I presume... But what do I know!

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