Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday 10 October 2007: Heidi and Sarah are late...

Sarah says:
Don't worry - we got a photo today. We just didn't have any time to do anything with it. We are "good" busy. But we'll be back! It might just take a few days or so to get our acts together... We'll try to post today's photo by the end of the week so check back!

In the meantime, I forgot to post my favorite Post Secret last Sunday so here's one now to hold y'all over!

Sarah adds:
Something about being in America around all my high school and childhood friends and something about the above Post Secret entry made me really miss drink and drugs! All I remember is good stuff other than maybe two experiences and the in the later days frequent dark thoughts... but mostly it was fun -- granted it was total escape and only appropriate behavior of someone single and without real responsibility - but it was fun. I remember nights like the post card above but with joy not fear - moments when we'd watch a movie tripping out or stare at fish for hours stoned or talk, talk, talk about everything and nothing or indeed go to an amusement park off our rockers and fly high in the sky having fun, fun, fun! Other than that time when someone shook a tree over my head when I was totally whacked out on something hallucinogenic and sticky leaves were caught in my hair which made me feel like I was in some sticky prison - I had some great and vivid moments. I would never go back or even condone all that stuff but I won't pretend it wasn't fun at the time - though I have to add I made some very stupid decisions while drunk or on drugs and I paid for those mistakes the hard way so again - in no way to I say here to anyone that drugs are the way to go... BUT --I loved the escape and the freedom of it. Being back in The States without husband and child and on vacation reminded me of that sort of free-spirited-ness that goes along with being a teenager. My life now is far far better than it was then and I would never exchange those days for these but I have to admit that I can long for that sort of freedom sometimes and I had a little taste of it in New York and that was great and I shall savor it!

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Anonymous said...

Two more comments: One, that house is not the house we lived in. It looks totally different, totally rebuilt, the yard totally differently landscaped. It looks like someone's mansion, not lively, busy home filled with all the neighborhood kids running in and out and 14 cats pushing in and out various cat doors, sleeping on various radiators and family beds. It is so coiffed, manicured, rich -- not the house of someone protesting the War in Vietnam and fighting for Civil Rights, not the home of Josh's band, The Gesner Goons with Kevin Garvey blwoing the saxaphone so it sounded like he was blowing farts, not the home where Sam pretended to be Buddy Holly everyday after we saw the movie and bought the 331/3 LP album of Buddy Holly music, not the house where Joe Oelbaum set up a veritable gym in the basement and a wine distillery in the attic.

Two: The Disney picture makes me realize that simply walking into the Magic Kingdom, one could imagine that they are on LSD and hallucinating all at once. The colors, noise, buzz, characters and ambience, this picture makes me realize, are a trip on a drug of its own kind. Disney can be fun though.

Yours Truly,
The Newly Published Author of Rudolph, Frosty, And Captain Kangaroo about to move to Michigan.