Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday 11 October 2007: Heidi and Sarah are still late...

Sarah says:
I have to say again... Don't worry - we got a photo today. We just didn't have any time to do anything with it. We are "good" busy. But we'll be back! It might just take a few days or so to get our acts together... We'll try to post today's photo by the end of the week so check back!

And again, in the meantime till we can post the photos of today and yesterday, which are still in Heidi's camera, here's another Post Secret from last Sunday that struck me for some of the same reasons the one I posted yesterday caught my eye. It's just this all becoming adult and following some planned path thing -- like robots sometimes. As I see my friends and I all getting older I am so happy we are settling into the lives we all are settling into. It's great after so much chaos that so many of us have found stability and goodness and all that -- but in a lot of ways we all really are living by the book - and though there is nothing at all wrong with that, especially if it makes us all happy and stable, then great -- BUT - the adventure and spontaneity of days of yore are on pause for these years I guess... I just know though that my girlfriends and I will meet when we are older - like 7 or 80 - and be bad ass old ladies together taking fun vacations. I can only dream of being like my great Aunt and parachuting out of an airplane on my 80th birthday and driving a race car on my 85th. We all wonder what her plan is for 90! I guess these are a bit the "by-the-book" years but perhaps that will all change once the kids flee the coop. Who knows. And with that said, you all know that NOTHING makes me happier than watching Little House on The Prairie with my kid - so I can't be much more by-the-book than that! Speaking of buying the book -- the 3rd Post Secret book is out in shops now! Can't wait to find it and the 2nd one!

Photos tomorrow!!! We promise!!! And then we'll be out of town from Sunday through Wednesday so you might have to miss us on those days I'm afraid but then we'll be back here at Face The Day in full force!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Sarah, What a great travel log. It was great to see Mona, Erika, Rachel, Toni, Josh, Andy, Tim, Eric, Matt, etc., etc. Matt looks like George Clooney, and Andy looks like one of the Arab actors in "Syriana." Baby Oscar is precious. Boy do I want to kiss those chubby cheeks of his. By the way, your Great Aunt Pauline was 85 when she sky dived and 88 when she went in the racing car. She is presently contemplating what to do for age 90. I will see her at Thanksgiving when she comes to Daytona, Florida and see how her plans have advanced for the great 90 years event. The Thanksgiving dinner will be at the sky diving school where Raymond, Joni's husband, works. I have been asked if I will sky dive that day before moving to Michigan. I think I will wait until I am 85 and have it to look forward to. Anyway, after my house closing today, coming home and looking at all these pictures, and of you, too, Heidi, and Yma, and your office chair, and more, has relaxed me. Before signing off, I will click on the Gesner Avenue pictures thing. Who would tear down all those gorgeous trees that filled the yard with shade and singing birds? Well, I am glad things are going well in your new jobs, and I am glad you had such a great trip, Sarah. Your hair looks terrific, and so do you. And Heidi, you look really happy and perky as you always do. My love to you both, and to your kids, and to your families, blah, blah, blah. LUV YA!

The soon-to-be Michigander.