Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday 9 October 2007 Part Two: Sarah wants to show you some random New York photos if you don't mind!

Hi all - I'm back in town! Haven't been able to keep this up from New York! But I just updated everyday starting at last Friday so feel free to scroll down to see what's been going on in New York! Below are just some random shots from the last 5 days I had a great time! Now I'm going to go to sleep!!!

The theme below is TWINS!!! Three sets of them in one night!!

Above you can see the beautiful Ames twins, Jennifer and Rachel...

And above you can see Erika's mom Lorraine and her twin sister Elaine. They are a pair!

And though not identical, above you can see Neil and his twin brother Paul. Two English lads. Twins at heart with different heads...

PHOTO DELTED (05-01-09)
Above you CAN'T see Seth Zimiles and his partner Sarah BECAUSE I DELTED THE PHOTO. Seth was also at the wedding, which is cool because he is Erika's ex-boyfriend. They have happily stayed friends. I am glad because it was great to see him and to meet his partner Sarah. Seth is a spectacular and dark sculptor. His work is the kind of stuff I love. He's also just started a restoration business. He's very talented and a bit mad like every artist should be I guess. Check out his stuff via this link!

That's an old Nyack gal named Jane Lecroy who was at Erika's wedding and who I have known here and there and on and off just via connections. I think our parents used to hang out and do hippy stuff back in the day. Anyway - Jane is fucking amazing! I had to use a bad word because in her speech at the wedding she did and it was great! She is a performer for sure! Very impressive. Very big balls! Here is a link to her stuff. Check it out!

This Oscar kid is way too cute. Just had to throw another photo in there of him! I wish I had gotten photos of Rachel's two kids come to think of it! They were so fun to see as well! I love seeing my friends' children. Heart-warming!

And last but certainly not least, I will end this New York photo extravaganza with a photo of Erika with an actual piece of spinach stuck in her teeth. It's an ongoing joke between us and I CAUGHT her green-toothed and grinny! Congratulations Erika!

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