Sunday, October 07, 2007

Saturday 6 October 2007: It's swingtime again for Heidi and Sarah hits the city to see old friends and family late into the night...and NYC rat traps!

Sarah says:
So today I hung out with Mona in the morning and did a little shopping too in her town, Tarrytown, where she and I went to Hackley High School together back in the day. Erika, Oscar, Neil and Neil's family came up to Tarrytown for lunch. The weather here is so hot right now!!!! Crazy hot. Soaking up as much as I can but also feeling a bit to warm and nasty and with wet underarms all the time! So anyway - after that lunch, Mona and I took th train into Grand Central and went to the East side of the city to Avenue C and 10th to eat at a nice Brazilian restaurant called Esperanto. We met up with an old friend of mine from The Netherlands who works as a journalist in New York for some Dutch publications - he also has this blog about how he is preparing for the New York City marathon. His name is Diederik Van Hoogstraten. You can see him in the photo with me above. He's partially responsible for my meeting my husband in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Diederik - aka Rik to me, was part of the journalism exchange program at my University New Paltz. I met him at college and we became fast friends. With his encouragement, I signed up for the exchange program to his journalism school in Utrecht, where I met my husband my first day there! I moved to Belgium. Rik moved to New York. It's always nice to see him! Some of his friends from Holland were with us along with my dates Dirk and Mona!

Above you can see me with my oldest brother's ex-wife, my sister-in-law Toni. She met up with me and Mona at Grand Central Station from about 11:30 pm until about 2 am! We had some drinks and caught up. It's been a long time! It was really good to see her. I also really liked hanging out at Grand Central Station bars and next to the New York Public Library so late at night.

And that's Mona and I on the train at about 2:30 am, tired and greasy but still looking colorful and awake and having a good time! I think we got to sleep after 3:30 pm that night... Lots of late nights these days... Fun!

Well - of course I HAD TO take a photo of that huge RAT TRAP you see above - just randomly placed outside an apartment building in the city! Yuck!!!! Do you see how big that hole is? Unbelievable! Disgusting! That's New York for you! You live among the rats and it's still one of the best places on earth. I was so freaking happy to be there walking its streets! I really missed it and was glad to catch up on the city nights!

The above photo was just funny - and again, very New York! We were right across the street from Grand Central at about 2 am. We passed this bank and saw this guy asleep in the window. He had a big smile on his face. He was right under a sign that said "special offer" as you can see. I almost wanted to buy him! He didn't really look like a bum. We couldn't figure out what he was doing sleeping in that window. I love New York!

Heidi says: Now who's my daddy? :)
(first one is Mr Nice, second one is the great swingmeister Ivan)

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