Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday 5 October 2007: Thank God it's friday! Sarah goes to Erika and Neil's New York wedding tonight!!!!

Sarah says:
There above you can see the happy bride, Erika Dionisio Smith! It was so GOOD to see her and to celebrate this wonderful marriage with her and her friends and family. There sure were a lot of eccentric people there. The place, The New Leaf Cafe, was really beautiful in Fort Tryon Park where the Cloisters are in New York City - an area people need to get to more. It's north but worth the trip! Doesn't Erika look pretty and happy?

And there above you an see the groom, Neil Smith with Erika and his son Oscar Charles Dionisio Smith. Neil is a serious catch for Erika and she for him. They are fun to watch. FUNNY! I'm pretty sure they'll be together for a while - maybe, hopefully forever, whatever that means. That little Oscar - man is he cute. So good to finally meet him!

Above you can see Erika and her butt in all their glory with friends Dara, Rachel and Mona. I hadn't seen Dara in ages. She's also a Nyack girl - came from where I grew up. There were a lot of people from Nyack. That made it fun!

And there I am with the same group of sexy gals. Man did I feel tall. So many of my friends are short. Wonder why that is! It reminded me that with my back operation I gained that extra height. I felt it. It was weird. See how much Dara and Mona look alike? Jewish/Arab sisters.

And above you can see me with Erika and my date Dirk!!! Erika put us at different tables so I didn't even get to cheat on my husband that night with his best friend --my date Dirk!!! I tried to auction Dirk off to some of the single gals at the wedding and he got one offer of 50 bucks! Needless to say - he went back to his hotel alone and I went home with Mona...


Heidi says: I am tired and that is why I am happy it is Friday. I must however say I had a very good and motivating week. So it is a good tiredness I am feeling! And yes yes, again the same picture... :)

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