Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday 7 october 2007: Family day for Heidi and friend and family day for Sarah!

Sarah says:
Today I went with Mona to Erika's new apartment in Riverdale. Look at the view out the windows! Crazy! Erika and Neil and Oscar have made it! Seriously! I was in awe of their apartment. It's freaking great! Windows everywhere! Amazing views everywhere! Lots of light! This is going to be such a great place for them to live and for Oscar to grow up and for me to stay when I come to New York City!

And look at Oscar up there? He's adorable. Look at that face!

There's me and Erika again acting dumb but looking good and playing with mirrors. We were right near her building's pool!!!!! Living Large! She must feel like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

The gang's all there! A bunch of Erika's girlfriends met up at Erika's house for a nice afternoon together. This is a great batch of gals! Look at Neil being the "new man" all decked out and wearing Oscar. Neil is a good one. That's for sure.

And here are my girls! Seriously though - that's Erika, Rachel and Mona - and if I haven't told you already - those are my three best friends in the world. Those girls are my roots. I feel entwined with them. Seeing them makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. I hope we are in touch and an active part of each other's lives till the day we die. They are freaking amazing women. I love them to bits! They are beautiful. I love who we all have become!

Above you can see Erika, Oscar and Neil playing family together with props. Aren't they colorful? I like those stuffed animals! I want that one!

And above you can see my childhood friend Sarah Ratcliff and her son Dante. Sarah and I have been friends since nursery school - so what - 32 years or something? She's my oldest connection. We grew up in Nyack together and spent so many years together day after day. I am so glad we meet up whenever I am in town. I hope when we are 99 years old we can still meet up for a slice of pizza in our hometown Nyack, New York! Sarah is just like always, -- calm, cool and with really long blond hair and big jewelery. Her son Dante is growing up so fast! He's a lovely, beautiful boy!

And last but not least, I got to see my little brothers one last time in Nyack! I also tried to take photos of our old house, where I lived till I was in my 20s. I went down my old street but it was too dark to take photos. It gave me butterflies in my stomach for some reason. I have been there before and haven't felt that way so I'm not sure why it made me feel so weird this time. I ran into an old neighbor and we talked for a while. I saw the 28!!! year old girl I used to babysit when I was 16! Crazy!!!! By the way, my old house is for sale again. Click on this link and you can see exactly where I grew up. You can even buy it if you want!!! It looks so much different than it did when I lived there. There used to be a lot of trees all around it -- a whole forest that I played make-believe in. I could hardly recognize this cleaned-up version of my old house.
It's for sale for freaking $1.7 million almost! So I had another great day with Mona and Erika and Rachel and Oscar and Neil and Sarah and Dante and Erik and Matt and others. I felt so lucky. I know -- I get too sentimental - but I really did feel a lot of love in the air. That feels great!

Heidi says: finally I get my daughter back!

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I ended up wearing those clothes two days in a row. I'm still working on doing my laundry.